Latest News and Events:

  • The Head Management of CCAHBMA changed.

    The Head management of CCAHBMA changed to be Prof. Dr. Mohamed Mostafa Ibrahim as a new manager of the center and Prof. Dr. Wafaa Anwar Suliman as the vice manager. click here to see the full board of the center.

  • llicit trafficking of cultural heritage.

    The Center in Co-operation with ISESCO orgnization have held their first meeting on "Illicit trafficking of cultural heritage" in the period of 26-28 March 2013. more>>

  • Saving of Aleppo Cultural Heritage

    The Center in co-operation with ISESCO orgnization have held a meeting on "An Urgent meeting to study the stategies of Saving the Cultural Heritage of Aleppo City" from 1-2 October 2013.